Quick Start to PTM    (for details see user guide below)

1.  Create event by submitting PT application

2.  Login to event after receiving login email from MFHA

3.  Add Hunts (this step will assign Hunt POC and hound numbers for each hunt and generate email to Hunt POC with login instructions)

4.  Add Judges, Scorers, and Secretary

5.  Hunt POC's login and add hound info.

6.  View Hound list to confirm all Hunts have added their hounds

7.  Edit Hound list, if necessary, to ensure only participating hounds are listed in PTM.  

8.  Add start time.

9.  Score event (see user guide below)

9.  Print score reports

User Guide - Performance Trial Manager (PTM)


1. Performance Trial Application

2. Setting up Sponsor’s PT Webpage     

  • Cover Photo     
  • Logo     
  • About Us     
  • Profile and Password     
  • Contact Information     
  • Upcoming Events     
  • Past Events  

3. Setting up PT event page     

  • Cover Photo     
  • Logo     
  • About Us     
  • Contact  

4. Managing Your PT event     

  • Adding Hunts     
  • Add Judges     
  • Add Scorers and selecting Head Scorer     
  • Adding Hounds by Hunts and Sponsor        
  • Adding Individual Hounds     
  • Hound Report     
  • Start time  

5. Scoring  

6. Recreate same event for next year  

7. Step process for Sponsoring a Performance Trial


1.  Performance Trial Application  The PTM application is accessed from the Performance Trial page on the MFHA website.  Simply fill in the blanks and your application will be sent to the MFHA for approval once you click the “submit” button.  Resumes for the Trial President, Huntsman, and Judges, you can either attach a prepared resume file or type in the qualifications for each of the positions (resume's not required at this time).  When your application is approved, you will receive a login and password via email to setup your Sponsor and Event pages.

2.  Setup Sponsor’s PT Webpage     The Sponsor page can be used to post specific details about your hunt as well as a place marker for past and current performance trials that you've sponsored.  The Cover Photo and Logo area can be changed to photos/logos of your choosing.

  • Cover Photo - The sponsor webpage can be personalized with photo’s and logos for the Sponsor’s hunt.  To change the cover photo, move your cursor to the bottom right corner of the cover photo and click the “cover photo” button.  Once selected, you can upload a photo of your choice.   
  • Logo - The logo square at the lower left of the cover photo can be customized as well.  Select “logo” in lower right corner of logo box and follow the prompts to add your logo.
  • About Us - Here you can enter text to include whatever information you’d like to say about your hunt.  History, location, fixture, facilities, stabling, kenneling, etc.  Simply select the edit button and enter your text.  You’ll notice a word processor type tool that will allow you to select font, text type, hyperlinks, etc. 
  • Profile - You can change your password from the edit button in the “about us” section.  Select the Profile tab to change password
  • Contact Info - From the edit button in the “about us” section, you can enter contact information. 
  • Upcoming Events - The PTM will automatically show your upcoming events based on approved PT applications 
  • Past Events - The PTM will automatically show your past events in this section 

3.  Setting Up Your PT Event Page  (You must login as Sponsor to setup/edit this page.) The PT Event page is the place to organize all of the particulars relating to the event.  Once setup, the event page is a great asset for marketing your event, inviting hunts, etc.    

  • Cover Photo - can be customized like Sponsor’s PT Webpage 
  • Logo - Same as Sponsor’s PT Webpage  
  • About Us - This is the place to describe the specifics of your event.  Info regarding Fixture, Kenneling/Stabling facilities, lodging, Capping fees, Event Activity Schedule, etc.  Select the “edit” button to enter information.  
  • Contact Info - Select the “edit” button to add Contact specifics.

4.  Managing your Event  After receiving your Sponsor login and password, return to the PTM Homepage and login. Select “Events” at page top to see your PT events.  Select “manage" to setup your event.    

  • Inviting/Adding Hunts:  Select “add hunts” tab.  Once you complete the form for a Hunt and select “Add” an email will be sent to that Hunt with a Login and Password.  The PTM will also provide a group of random numbers based on the number of hounds you entered in this form.  Hunts can login using the provided login and password to enter the  particulars for each hound.   
  • Judges:  Select the “Add Judges” tab to add Name and Hunt for each judge   
  • Scorers:  Select the “Add Scorer” tab to add Name and Email of Scorers.  Check the “Head Scorer” box to designate your Head Scorer.  Be advised that the Head Scorer has the same permissions as a Sponsor to edit Sponsor and Event pages, to include deleting, adding, and editing info for Hunts, Hounds, etc.
  • Secretary:  Select "add secretary" tab to add the name and email of the event secretary.  The event secretary will have the same permissions as the sponsor and head scorer.    
  • Hounds:  Each participating Hunt can Login to the Event webpage and enter the information for each of their hounds.  The PTM will only allow the hunts to use the Hound Numbers that were issued in the email that was automatically sent to each participating hunt. 

(Note)  The Hounds' complete name (Hunt prefix, Name, Year) and The Volume Number must be entered for each hound.  The PTM will validate the hounds' MFHA registration by cross checking with the pedigree database. If hound is not registered with MFHA, it can still be entered as an unregistered hound.  (this functionality is not installed as of Sep 2017)

If the participating hunts have not added their hound information, the Sponsor, Head Scorer, or Secretary can use the “Add Hound” tab to enter hound specifics. 

  • To add an individual Hound to an existing Hunt, select "add hunt" tab, scroll down to "invited hunt" table.  Select the edit button for the Hunt and add another number in the "performance trial number" column.  After you've entered the new number(s), select the save button.  Go the "add hound" tab, select the appropriate hunt, and add the details for the hound you want to add.    
  • Hound Report:  Once all hound data is entered, select “hound report” which can be printed and will list all entered hounds.    
  • Start time:  Before any scoring data can be entered the start time for each PT day must be entered at the “start time” tab.
  • Hound changes normally ocurr right before the beginning of the trial so make sure the hound list in PTM is accurate before any scoring data is entered.   

5.  Scoring  The PTM will not accept any scoring data for an event prior to the date and time set by the Sponsor.  

(Before any scores are entered, make sure the hound list is accurate and all hound numbers that did not participate are deleted from the hound list.  Do not delete a hound from the list after scoring is entered.  See instructions below on Removing Hounds from PTM)

  • Scoring Worksheet:  From the main Navigation Menu at the PTM Homepage, Scoring worksheets can be modified for each PT and printed for use by the Judges.  Judges must transcribe their observations to the provided worksheets ensuring their name and Trial Date are included.  Scorers will login at the Event page and enter the scoring data provided by the Judges  
  • Removing Hounds:  If no scoring has been entered in PTM and hound did not hunt, go the "add hounds" tab and remove the hound here.  Only do this, if no scoring data has been entered.  If the hound hunted the first day, but not the second, you must use an "elimination/withdrawal" code in the "add scores" form in the same manner other scores are entered.
  • Scores can be entered by Scorers, Head Scorer, Sponsor, and Secretary  
  • Entering Scores:  Make sure the Sponsor,Head Scorer, or Secretary entered the start time.  Start time must be entered before any scoring data can be entered.  From the Event Page, select “add scores” to access the scoring page.  Select the date and enter scores from worksheets.  For more scoring space, select “add more”.  Once the submit button is selected, preliminary calculations are completed for that scorers entries.  To edit entries, select the green “view scores” and “edit”.  Here you can make changes as necessary.      
  • Make sure scores from all judges have been accounted for and entered before calculating scores.
  • View Raw Scores:  The Head Scorer has the ability to see all of the entered scoring data before the final calculation is complete.  Here the Head Scorer can check of any abnormalities of the day such as hound eliminations, withdrawals, Marking scores, etc.  If changes need to be made to accommodate the nuances of the day, the scorer can login and edit his/her entries in accordance with the Head Scorers instructions.      
  • Calculating Final Scores:  Once all of the scoring data is entered and the Head Scorer is satisfied that all data is entered, select the “Calculate Score” button.
  • The "edit calculated score" button appears after scores are calculated.  Calculated scores can be edited by the sponsor, head scorer, and secretary by selecting the "edit calculated score" button.  You will be redirected to "reset" the start time after which you can edit scores.  After scores are edited, select the submit button and then calculate scores again.
  • Scoring Reports:  From the Event manage page, scores can be viewed by each Day, and for Overall Event.
  • Printing Scores:  Go to "view scores" select the day you want to print or "overall" then select the blue "day _ report" or  blue "overall report" button.  this will give you a printable PDF version of the reports.

6.  Recreate PT Event  To reschedule or recreate a PT event, login as Sponsor, go to “events”  find the event you want to reschedule, and select “reschedule.”   The PT application form will appear populated with the data from the past event.  Simply update and hit “submit”.  This will initiate the approval process used by the MFHA.  

7.  Steps for conducting a Performance Trial using PTM

  1. Complete and submit Performance Trial Application
  2. Login as Sponsor and setup Sponsor PT Homepage
  3. Setup Event Homepage
  4. Invite/add Hunts
  5. Add Judges
  6. Add Scorers and select one as Head Scorer
  7. Add Secretary
  8. Verify hounds are entered by participating hunts
  9. View and Print Hound Report
  10. Conduct trial
  11. Prepare and provide Scoring Worksheets to judges
  12. Enter Start time for each day in PTM    
  13. Enter scoring data
  14. Confirm all scoring has been entered
  15. Calculate Scores
  16. View and print Reports for each Day and for Overall